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Name one thing you really enjoy about how I portray my character.

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-Warden: : Yo listen, we tight right?
-Alistair: : what
-Warden: : Cool so I need you tooo like do a favor for me
-Alistair: : huh
-Warden: : I need you to have sex with morrigan
-Alistair: : .....what
-Warden: : Thanks
-Alistair: : ................[bob belcher voice] oh my god
Be the person Uncle Iroh knows you can be

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Anonymous said: Are you ok?


LoK’s improvement is important to me

Wiat wait wait ur 21 I THOUGHT YOU WERE SO MUCH OLDER???? //cries omg all u young talented people

I’m 20 bpsdkfjlw my birthday is next month tho… :B

gdi why aren’t I 21 yet >:((

Anonymous said: What was thanator like at a young age? :0


He was always quiet, not in a way that expressed content calm, but more of a forced silence. When he was very young, Thanator was eager—almost desperate—for any approval, affection, or simple acknowledgement from his parents.

After Machellon’s second wife passed away without giving him an heir, he took Avadevrona as his wife. This third and younger womer finally bore him a son. Avadevrona never desired children, but an heir strengthened her marital union with a socially powerful mer. The child was primarily left in the care of several attendees because his parents had little interest in raising him. Some of Thanator’s caretakers were just as indifferent, others strict, and one overindulgent. All were eventually fired by Machellon and Avadevrona for one fault or another. After repetitive failures, they reluctantly accepted more responsibility in his upbringing to avoid any more faults in incapable hands.

Thanator strikingly resembled his mother, but his blonde hair and green eyes made Machellon’s suspicions about his wife’s extramarital activities fester. The possibility that a bastard child was leeching away his wealth, prestige, and name turned Machellon’s indifference into outright hostility. Finding his mother a more comforting figure during this time, Thanator easily fell for Avadevrona’s manipulation.

This changed with time.