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Alright time to get some important work done.

starts up Skyrim

Anonymous said: if ive never told you how much I love velanna let me do so now shes one of my favorite characters and I love how you keep consistent with her look throughout all the aus keep up the good work mwah

Aw thank you so much ; U;

Anonymous said: lmao EVERYTHING about her face in that drawing looks velanna ish you basically just drew a nord velanna qrl own up

Well, I disagree about /everything/ but I did notice the problem and pursued to fix it. Sometimes it takes a while to shift out of a pattern and make a new one—so I spend time doodling until I get it down. That drawing was the beginning of that process.

And I already said it and learned from it, but I goofed yo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



customizable elf ears. customizable. elf ears. customizing the shape of our elfquisitors’ ears. i just. you. we. this is huge

Apparently my life drawing prof thinks I draw the way I do to impress my classmates/teachers and get my friends’ approval.

lmao please

Anonymous said: that's jason mamoa. he played khal drogo in game of thrones

Omg thank you anon uwu